The value of dedicated specialization
Our Motto is committed and delicate in providing consistency in the delivery of Prompt, Professional & Quality Service throughout our customers and business partners.
State-Of-the-Art Solution
Our business partner solution are mostly compliant with most important national and international standard especially those explosion proof enclosure and lightning system which have ATEX, IECEx,UL and CE certification.
Work Diligently to seek Solution For our Customer
Our aim is to promote and provide solution for our customer mainly in motion control technologies and developing business partnership and opportunities for mechanical and electronics motion control companies.
A1000 series

High Performance Vector Control

The Birth of Yaskawa's Ace Drive offering limitless possibilities....

Silent, beautiful, and incredibly powerful. Integrating the latest vector control technology in a general-purpose drive with the performance of a higher order demanded by the drives industry



L1000 series

For Elevator application

Matching Every Need, Smooth, Comfortable Ride Lift Drive for elevator applications


V1000 series

Compact Vector Control Drive

So Advanced! So easy! Smallest in the world!
High performance, functionality, quality, and reliability.
To make it even easier to optimize your applications

V1000 NEMA4X/IP66
Compact Vector Control Drive
Capable of running both induction
motors and synchronous motors


J1000 series

Compact V/f Control Drive

Small but Reliable. Smart Easy to Operate and So Compact
Capable of efficient performance and energy saving, handling variable speed needs in compact applications.
A drive that exemplifies true world quality with a difference feel.


E1000 series
For pumps and fans

Super Energy Saving
・High efficient control drive with an induction motor
・Keep optimum efficient drive correspond with lord and temperature
・Run not only induction motors, but also synchronous motors
・Best efficient drive with synchronous motors
・Synchronous motor is more efficient drive than high efficient induction motors
・Drive constant torque compressor with high efficiency
・Control stable pressure and high efficiency
for constant torque compressor

Friendly & Ecology
・Auto turning function for energy saving
・Tackle power loss and recover for several application
・High environment feature.
・Noise reduction.
・High performance I/O signal function.
・High performance PID control
・Easy setup and Customize for user
・Meet various global communication networks with options
・Easy maintenance

Safety & High Reliability
・Safety for environment
・Long life design
・Easy replacement
・Protect function for machine
・Keep Continues drive 


Varispeed G7 series
Advanced Vector Control

Advanced Functions & Environmentally Friendly! Genuine Vector Control Inverter seek high performance and ease of use for applications environments anywhere in the world. The meet high technical demands for performance and functionality