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Our Motto is committed and delicate in providing consistency in the delivery of Prompt, Professional & Quality Service throughout our customers and business partners.
State-Of-the-Art Solution
Our business partner solution are mostly compliant with most important national and international standard especially those explosion proof enclosure and lightning system which have ATEX, IECEx,UL and CE certification.
Work Diligently to seek Solution For our Customer
Our aim is to promote and provide solution for our customer mainly in motion control technologies and developing business partnership and opportunities for mechanical and electronics motion control companies.
D1000 series


D1000 is a power regenerative converter which is open for various configurations. Usable in one-on-one or multiple unit connection,the D1000 provides the flexibility needed to satisfy a broad range of energy efficient and low harmonics applications.



R1000 series


R1000 is a power regenerative unit.

Energy Is Generated! Even During Operation

Unfortunately, this energy is discarded as heat by braking resistors. Just replace those braking resistors with the R1000 to effectively use the energy that you have been throwing away. After you've already tried everything else to save energy, let the R1000 show you a new way.




High Power Factor Regenerative Matrix Converter

All-in-one Motor Drive. Evolved matrix converter features functions of AC drives, power regeneration, power factor improvement, and power supply harmonic suppresion in one body.



Varispeed AC series
Matrix Converter

Blue Sky and Green Technology. The Varispeed AC incorporates innovative technology as the world's first matrix converter to directly convert input AC voltage to improves energy efficiency, but also overcomes many problems typically associated with conventional general-purpose inverters