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EDWM Explosion Safe

The EDWM is an innovative 5 tier LED signal tower enclosed in a housing designed specifically for use in potentially flammable and explosive atmospheres. The EDWM is compliant to ANSI and NFPA Standards for NEC classifications.

Explosion Safe

Explosion Safe


Product Features

Standards: Compliance to ATEX and NEC standards.
Connection: Easy wiring for parallel connection to another interlocking device through 2 lead-in ports.
Terminal Block: Easy connection to the signal tower by opening the bottom cover.
Body: Made of aluminum alloy.
Light Source: Long life, maintenance-free LED.
Mounting: Wall mount, surface mount and horizonal mount.

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - Overal Case Dimensions (excluding wiring and mounting extensions): 152mm diameter x 415mm
- Enclosed Light Tower Dimensions: 70mm wide x 80mm deep x 271mm long
- 90-250V AC
FUNCTIONS - Continuous and Flashing (no alarms)
- Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
- Open-collector transistor (NPN or PNP for DC24V, NPN for AC90-250V)
- Direct-voltage control for DC24V, continuous function only
MOUNTING - Upright Mount
- Wall Mount
- Horizontal Mount
BODY STYLE - Explosion-proof enclosure contains a WME-A-style tower
- Wiring terminals provided
BODY COLOR - Enclosure: Grey
- Tower: Beige
STACKABLE TIERS - 5-tier only
MODULE COLORS From top to bottom:
- Red
- Amber
- Green
- Blue
- Clear
PROTECTION RATINGS - Class i, Zone 1, Zone 2, AExd II CT6
- IP-66