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RES-A Explosion Proof Revolving Warning Light

The RES-A explosion proof Revolving Warning Light is designed for use in potentially flammable and explosive atmospheres, with IEC Standard compliances.

Explosion Proof Revolving Warning Light

Explosion Proof Revolving Warning Light


Product Features

· Rotating Parabolic Reflector: For enhanced visibility from a distance.
· Installation: Indoors—upright, inverted, sideways; Outdoors—upright only.
· Main Body: Aluminum alloy die-cast with silver color baked finish.
· Dome: Acrylic resin covered with clear hard-glass, and metal guard.
· Product Standards: IEC Standards (IEC ExdIIB + H2T6) Zone1, 2 compliant.
· Approved by: TIIS.
· Available Colors: Red, Amber, Green, Blue.

Model Specifications

SIZE - 224mm diameter
- 24V DC
- 48V DC
- 100V AC
- 115V AC
- 220V AC
- 240V AC
FUNCTIONS - Rotating
MOUNTING - Direct Mount
- Indoor: Upright, Inverted, Sideways
- Outdoor: Upright Only
BODY STYLE - Aluminum alloy die-cast
BODY COLOR - Body: Silver-colored Baked Finish
GLOBE COLOR - Light Source: Bulb
- Dome Colors: Red / Amber / Green / Blue
CONFORMITY STANDARDS - IEC Standards Zone 1,2 Compliace
- TIIS Approval