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CLN-EX Explosion-safe LED Work Light

 The newly-designed LED Work Light model CLN for Explosion-safe applications. With a thickness of 22.2mm, a brightness of 820lx, IP ratings of 66G/67G, 69K, LED Colors of Daylight (6500K) and mounting flexibility with a flexible angle adjustment of 180 degrees, and now for Explosion-safe applications, the CLN can be attached anywhere for ATEX applications.

 Explosion-safe LED Work Light


Product Features

• Resistant to Water, Oil and Coolants
• Special design disperses heat radiation with illumination to surpass a 40W light bulb.
• Bracket options (Pan-tilt), 
• Two directions (Up-down, Swivel) for attachment to adapt to various scenarios.
• Color (Daylight) 
• Operating temperature range of -40 to +60°C allows installation in sub-freezing temperature environments, such as cold storage warehouses.
• Conforms to the CE requirements.
• II 3GD Ex nA IIC T4 Gc, Ex tc IIIC T135ーC Dc IP65
(This product is limited to a maximum allowable impact of 2 Joules (1kg dropped from 0.2m))

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - Refer to Specification Sheet
BODY STYLE - Aluminum Alloy
LENS MATERIAL - Tempered Glass
- UL Listed
- CE Conformity
- Ex Conformity
- 69K (DIN 40050 part9)