The value of dedicated specialization
Our Motto is committed and delicate in providing consistency in the delivery of Prompt, Professional & Quality Service throughout our customers and business partners.
State-Of-the-Art Solution
Our business partner solution are mostly compliant with most important national and international standard especially those explosion proof enclosure and lightning system which have ATEX, IECEx,UL and CE certification.
Work Diligently to seek Solution For our Customer
Our aim is to promote and provide solution for our customer mainly in motion control technologies and developing business partnership and opportunities for mechanical and electronics motion control companies.
Switch Disconnector
ABB OT series switch-disconnectors are suitable for diverse
applications, in motor control centers, in switchboards and
as main switches in various equipment and machines. 

From single to 8-poles front operated switches with pistol handle
or direct mounted handle. For installation in enclosures, side
operated switches, switches with wide phase distance and
combination switches for change-over, bypass, reversing 



Switch Fuse
ABB OS Swutch Fuse series features single pole to four pole versions.

The switch fuse mechanism located in any position together with the direction of the terminals, increasing the ease of installation and adaptability to different types of cubicle designs.

A wide selection of accessories improve the usability of
the switch fuses; 6 and 8- pole, changeover, by-pass and
mechanically interlocked switch combinations can be
built up by means of conversion kits 



Transfer Switch
ABB OTM series transfer switches offers facility to swicth over to alternative supply when the utility supply fails. This is especially critical in IT applications such as data center, whereby a secure power supply is becoming an increasingly important asset in the drive to cut production and maintenance costs. 



Fuse Switch Disconnector

ABB Fusegear Easyline series offers NH type fuse protection in 3 or 4 poles version, in compliance with IEC60269-2.