The value of dedicated specialization
Our Motto is committed and delicate in providing consistency in the delivery of Prompt, Professional & Quality Service throughout our customers and business partners.
State-Of-the-Art Solution
Our business partner solution are mostly compliant with most important national and international standard especially those explosion proof enclosure and lightning system which have ATEX, IECEx,UL and CE certification.
Work Diligently to seek Solution For our Customer
Our aim is to promote and provide solution for our customer mainly in motion control technologies and developing business partnership and opportunities for mechanical and electronics motion control companies.


Thankyou for checking out Kayenta’s profile. We are a technology business that is transforming the treasury function for alternatives managers, hedge funds and tools through cutting edge technology and innovative infrastructure answers. Here is some Kayenta hedge fund financing example info. Collectively we bring over 100 years of industry expertise from institutions including Citadel, Och-Ziff Capital, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, Merrill Lynch Bank of America, UBS, Societe Generale and Goldman Sachs. Kayenta technology is a cloud native, API first, design driven SAAS model that brings openness to your financing fees, margin requirements, leverage potential and liquidity profile. We build software allow cost managing via a granular comprehension of your financing calculations. Check out Kayenta also develops bespoke treasury vehicles| focused on your fund's platform. The vehicle attaches expense managers with usually inaccessible counterparties from the wholesale financing community, while also getting internalization options to the multi-manager or multi-strategy platform. We have practices in New York and London and we work with customers from all over the globe. In the event that you would like to examine how we are able to assist you, please visit our site Once again, thanks for looking at our profile. We look forward to hearing from you.